Thursday, 24 February 2011

日本語入力OK じゃけんのー。I can write in Japanese!


Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Sock and a Bear

Last week I was working on my First sock ever project. I saw lots of pretty socks people were knitting and I felt like want one, too.
So I went to The Wool Shop ( Sew and Creative) - my local yarn shop- to look for suitable sock yarn. I spoke to the lady and she showed me this sock knitting kit. ..... with that instruction and hand made sts marker, I instantly bought one.

I came back home and start casting on , and just looked at the Cotton Bear I was working on. ...he just sat(?) there without ears or hands. He looked so sad.
..yes I know, poor thing. but I couldn't stop the sock till I knit up.

On 19th I finish my first sock, and I have to say I'm quite pleased about it. Its not exciting colour or design. ( dead simple and colour like a Sky of  November) but feels so good to wear.

After I finished my first sock EVER, I super quick knit up Cotton Bear's ears and arms, but couldn't decide weather I knit his clothes or not. By the look of it he needs one though....
.. It might be my imagination or guilt conscious, but he still looks a bit sad.....

Monday, 14 February 2011

Spring Bolero!

10th Feb, I finally finished my Spring Bolero! (Patterns from Kelly at her blog) I've found Rowan Purelife and was too excited. I've found green and beige. The green became this bolero and beige ones are going to be some bunny for my parents, and my teddy.

 I really should finish my poor cotton teddy as I stopped when I've done his head and body, legs in order to finish this bolero.... He's laying in the box patiently ...