Tuesday, 28 June 2011

More like "Wicked Witch of the East" / ハーマイオニーちゃんのはずだったのに。

I was in love with this "Hermione's Every day socks". I really was. I was so so looking forward to wearing it, and as I was trying on as I knit the leg and heel, I felt so comfortable and I really really liked it.
...but I don't know what I thought as I was checking the length of foot, thought myself, " oh well, that should do it" without checking it properly.

then I had a shock when I bind off after I've done Kitchener's.


I can wear it if I ignore my toe screaming " ..cannot stretch  comfortably", but my son K, tried it on and declares it fit better on him.

from that moment, This Hermione's Every day Socks become WICKED WITCH OF THE EAST SOCKS. ( ..... by no fault of its own , of course)




still, I use my legs to take photos.

Monday, 27 June 2011

Everyone's hot / みんな暑いね。

It was rainy last couple weeks, and all of sudden we are having proper summer days. I'm sure most of the days it even didn't make 20 ℃ last week ( oh well, at least it felt like it if I 'm wrong there ) but it made over 30℃yesterday.


Dogs suffering , too.

Then , I've received the parcel which contained a hat.

Needing hair cut./ 要・散髪。

As K loves hat,demands taking picture of him and a hat.


While whine about heat, I'm still knitting socks. LOL

Friday, 24 June 2011

...Got the evidence, Miss./ 証拠は押さえた!

This week's niece, as usual.

It was first time she's got upset as her mother left here to go to work. She sobbed couple minute but forgot all about it when I showed her some resins. ( she loves it)

needing water supply./ 泣いちゃったから水分補給ヨ。

not only him.... /『オニイチャン アチョビマチョウヨ』

but dogs, too./ 『ワンチャン、マクラニ オナリナチャイ』

...then this morning, despite the strong rule of DO NOT TOUCH THE TV...
...you thought I wouldn't know, did you, my dear.

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Esther, oh esther, esther.../ Esther つひに完成みまかふ。

Dadadaaaaaaan, my the revenge Esther Finally has done!!!!! ( confetti please, confetti, please people!)
 Yes I've tried before and I was beaten well before got to the actual pattern of Esther. The Picot Hem's wall was high at that time. It could be something to do with I was knitting with Bamboo and 2.0mm DPNs, and again I might be making excuse for my failure there.

Anyhow, I swore to myself I would not beaten by the pattern, I WILL COME BACK TO SORT YOU OUT. ( ....I would not deny the bit of attitude there, LOL)

別口でも散々ぐちってたEsther, ついに!(練習じゃなかったの?マア、細かいことはおきになさらないように・・長生きできませんよ)

 I've always decreased gusset every 2 rows but this one was decreased every 3 rows.
I found it really comfortable to wear.

 try take picture as I lay on the floor.../ゴロッっとして天井に向けて一枚。

 Heel is like this./ かかとはこんな感じで。

Saturday, 18 June 2011

Sheeeeeeeep / 羊が一匹、羊が二匹・・・

Last week I've forgotten to put the photos of sheeeeeeep near the fishing lake.
There are lots of them, looooots of them and we can hear them baaaa baaaaaing all day.

These photos were taken around 9.00pm. Most of them were getting ready to have a rest for the night, but of course some of them were still eating.
 Munch Munch.../ むしゃむしゃ・・

 ......Munch Munch Munch.../・・・むしゃむしゃむしゃ・・・

 .....Munch Munch Munch Munch....../・・・・・むしゃむしゃむしゃむしゃむしゃ・・・・・・

oh, you've got hair cut already ? /お、君はもう刈られちゃったんだね。

Friday, 17 June 2011

Ugly(?) ducklings / 醜くないよ、アヒルの子

NO they aren't ducklings, and they aren't ugly neither.

Took photos from top of the bridge./

This week's niece, as usual.

She came with this knitted cardigan, as if she knew my straggle against picot hem .

ALL picot hem? /全部ピコットへム?

Saturday, 11 June 2011

I've added Star mark./ はてなスターをくっつけました。

This is just for the little notice. I don't know if you've got Hatena account, but if you have, you can click on the star as I've linked service .  :D

ちょびっとお知らせです。Blogger にもくっつけることができる、とはてなスターさんがおっしゃるので試しにくっつけてみました。お気が向かれましたらどうぞぽちっとしてみてくださいな。(はてなアカウントをお持ちの方)

Animal watching / けふの生き物観察。

 As usual my other half has gone fishing for weekend, and me and kids were carrying on animal watching around fishing lake.

We don't see very often this one! female stag beetle?

There is a horse side of fishing lake. I always wanted to see this lovely girl but didn't have chance. Today, Finlay met her.
 "somethings there near the gate, what is it"
 "quick, see what she's got"
 "photo? ask my manager first"
"hmmm, but I'll take your bribe"

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Uncle K and his niece / 次男は『おじ』にあたるんだった。

This week's niece.

Took her to get kids from school. She was in her pushchair, but insisted to take K's hands.

 "I want other hand, too"『ソッチノ オテテ モ オカチナチャイ』

"This will do it" / 『コレデ ヨロチイ』

They walked back ( well she was  in her pushchair and I was pushing ) like this almost whole the way.

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Greek Day / 今日の長男はギリシャのお方。

They are learning about ancient Greek . They are doing some sporting event at school today( only Year 5 pupils ) According to S, they are separating team to Athenian, Spartan, etc. They were encourage to wear some handmade costume.

When it comes to costume, naturally it become my task research what was their clothing like. Me and S looked through books, Internet etc together but could not find the one we would like to make.



Then , we thought about some film. "Jason and The Argonauts"


S liked it as well, so we cut the flat white seat in half, made buckle with cardboard and kitchen foil, used my belt around his waste.


The suggestion to make that white pants was rejected / 

I've asked some girls if I could take photos as they looked quite pretty.

Monday, 6 June 2011

Bird watching weekend? / 釣りじゃなくってバードウォッチングだな。

Last time I've asked how we manage to take kids to fishing weekend. So I've took some photos how we do it. We simply take 2 bivvy.

Kids can sleep on double size air bed./ 子供たちは二人用のエアベッドで間に合う。

No we didn't catch any as this lake is quite hard water, but I quite enjoyed to didn't catch any, but me and kids quite enjoyed to be out in fresh air doing some knitting and watching those Grey lag goose and their goslings.

We have spotted them feeding our side of lake on Sunday morning. Some of the adults were stretching their neck to be watchful, but they were coming nearer and nearer to us.


ところで、Greylag gooseって日本語でなんて呼ぶのでしょう、と検索したら、あの『二ルスの不思議な旅』に登場なさる方々・ハイイロガンでした。気づかなかった・・・


Thursday, 2 June 2011

Left Over Blanket (in progless) / 余り糸ブランケット(進行中)

I've only knitted several socks but its quite clear those left over sock yarn is going to be build up in my yarn basket. I thought better think solution to avoid those lovely yarns become tangled and forgotten.

 Thought about knit mixed colour stripy socks but I don't like changing yarns very much and wanting to knit something easy mindless but affective and useful things...and I found this at Ravelry.



so far... / まだまだこれだけです。